May 31st 2019


This is a preliminary list of services we’re offering on-site, so you know what you can expect when attending CSSconf EU. Be sure to return to this section, to see what other services we have added over time. *Everything on this list is included in the ticket price, *(except for textile printing). If you have any questions, do get in touch.


Our chefs and coffee specialists will make sure you don’t go hungry or run the risk of low caffeination throughout the day. You can expect quality coffee, a full breakfast, healthy lunch with various options, and hearty dinner.


  • Scrambled eggs, with either herbs, tomatoes, goat cheese or baby spinach
  • Various kinds of cheese or cream cheese with grapes
  • Fruit or plain yogurt, fruit salad and fruits
  • Bircher muesli
  • Jam specialties: Strawberry vanilla, blackberry-elderflower and mango- apricot
  • Freshly made pancakes with maple syrup
  • Pastries, baguettes and croissants Vegan alternatives will be available.


  • Baby spinach lentil salad with fig-honey dressing, dates, raisins and almonds
  • Pomodori goat cream cheese Ravioli with tomato ragout and pine nut butter
  • Grilled vegetable-ricotta lasagne with lemon spume and tomato olive oil dip


  • Streusel cake with fruit and whipped cream
  • Fruit Cake, fruits


  • Chickpea salad with urfa biber, hummus and olives
  • Homemade steamed Dim-Sum with red curry foam and mint-herbs salad
  • Baked rice balls with tomato salad, sumach and labna
  • Döner “Special Berlin Style” with roasted jackfruit and BBQ Sauce
  • Fruit sorbet with strawberries


We understand Wifi and internet access are important if you are in a new place with a lot of strangers, so we’ve equipped our venue with all modern 5GHz Wifi that works. Please get in touch if you need access to a 2.4GHz band for legacy devices.

Live Captioning

All talks on our two main stages are live captioned on separate screens to the side of each stage with ample seating for anyone who needs or enjoys subtitles.


We’re happy to be able to offer free, all-day childcare at the venue for children aged 3 and above. More details and registration.

Prayer Room

We have a dedicated prayer room that attendees are welcome to use one at a time. At the conference, talk to any staff member to access it.

Textile Print Workshop

Instead of giving away the same t-shirt to every attendee, we decided to turn things around and invite a local textile print service to set up shop at CSSconf EU. We’re inviting everyone to submit print screen motives for our attendees to print and customize their favourite garments. Making a print screen is about 60€, if you want to commission one, please get in touch.

For attendees, bring your favourite shirts, socks, skirts and totes to get them customised on site. There are also going to be a variety of textiles available for purchase. Prints are for pay, cash only.

Community Lounge

A conference inside a conference, the Community Lounge runs its own separate-from-the-main-stages events to highlight technology initiatives local to Berlin and Europe. You can find more info on the Community Lounge page.

#nailconf 💅🏽

We provide a corner to paint your nails (and maybe even have some surprise conference design ready-to-go!) by yourself or with professional help!

#nailconf was started by @jessicard, @haley, @brittanyforks, @jessicaspacekat, @ejgreenberg, @jlsuttles and @jllord as a way to meet up, support each other and have fun – we think painting your nails is a great way to take a break at the conf, chat, meet each other and celebrate fun self-expression!

Quiet Room

For people who need a break from the hustle and bustle of the event, we offer a dedicated quiet area that fits about 20 people in total. This is, however, not a quiet chamber devoid of any sensory input, and more a place to hang out and recharge away from the main conference.

Keeping you safe

Beyond our service team and volunteer stuff, we will of course have medical, security and fire emergency staff standing by on-site for any eventualities.

Part of the international CSSconf family

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