May 31st 2019

Mission and Values

CSSconf EU is a not-for-profit community conference run by a team of volunteers. We are all active members of the tech community, and run or contribute to various free local meetups, workshops, and education initiatives.

With CSSconf EU, we aim to bring the international CSS crowd together with our beloved local Berlin community. We are humbled to look back to five sold-out events where we welcomed the world’s most excellent CSS speakers on our stage, and we are proud to have always put an inclusive and welcoming culture first.

We operate under a Code of Conduct, run a scholarship program, and are committed to accessibility.

Stay Tuned

We post all updates around CSSconf EU on Twitter. Use the hashtag #cssconfeu to tweet about the conference, connect with other attendees, and share your photos of the day when the time comes! You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and subscribe to our newsletter.

Any questions we didn’t address? Reach out to us at contact@cssconf.eu, the team is here to help!

Part of the international CSSconf family

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